Tiana Jewel – Power Healing Crystal Jewellery

Tina Jewel Earings
Tiana Jewel is a bohemian inspired jewellery brand designing power healing crystal pieces, based in London, UK. Each crystal is handpicked for its raw beauty and its unique healing properties. Crystals are our intimate passion, enabling us to tune into the wisdom and spirituality of the universe. Timeless pieces that will never go out...

5 Simple Handmade Gift Ideas

5 Simple Handmade Gifts
John Miller from the Artisna Marketplace loves everything artistic. Here's his 5 Simple Handmade Gift Ideas with the message that something handmade is something straight from the heart. Now, we all like to go shopping. We all like to splurge and pile on until we drop, but soon after that we are on our way to a less...