5 Simple Handmade Gifts

John Miller from the Artisna Marketplace loves everything artistic. Here’s his 5 Simple Handmade Gift Ideas with the message that something handmade is something straight from the heart.

Now, we all like to go shopping. We all like to splurge and pile on until we drop, but soon after that we are on our way to a less than welcome guilt trip that makes us think of all the wrong choices we made. It is like a shopping hangover the next day accompanied with a robbed wallet syndrome which is obviously our own doing.

Shopping for gifts for your loved ones is even worse as we end up buying stuff that is insanely expensive and we are not even sure whether they will like it or not. So, before you do anymore damage to your budget, it is time to think about investing in handmade gifts. Many people nowadays have started to invest in handmade housewarming gifts, hand woven clothing, crochet and artisan pottery, handmade jewellery and handcrafted kitchenware and supplies and much more.

Support Local Artisan Shops

These all are readily available at your local handmade stores that are being run by artisans and if not, then you can find plenty of options online as well. Handmade gift items are unique and because they are made completely by hand, the purpose and special needs of the recipient are never forgotten. Handicrafts are more than just gluing ends and pieces of decorative materials together to make a single piece. It encompasses many disciplines, many generations and diverse cultures, countless materials and infinite hours that result in a piece that offers beauty, utility and lasts for years.

Handmade gifts can be absolutely anything right from jewellery pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants and bangles, rings and hair clips and accessories, clay and wooden sculptures, to hand-knitted crochet baby stuff and winter wear such as mufflers, hats, handmade sweaters and shoes, and much more. A few simple handmade gift ideas that will get you into the good books of your loved ones are:

5Handmade Journals

If your BFF or cousin is fond of recording each and every important moment of her life in a journal, this gift could be the best choice. Crafted by deft hands and handmade paper, this gift would give her an even bigger push to carry on with her record keeping. The cover, the bookmarks attached to it and each and every page of the book can be personalised for the recipient with either their name or initials or favourite phrases printed on them which would make for an ideal gift for a writer in the making.

4Homemade Soaps

Homemade soaps and shampoos are not as bleak as you make them out to be. These are very much in demand these days. The reason for such shift in trend is rather simple. Handmade soaps and shampoos are 100% organic and made from all natural ingredients and they even make for a fun DIY. These not only smell fantastic but also give your skin a glow that is impossible to achieve with chemically formulated cleansers. Elements like honey, almond extract, lavender, olive oil, oats, Chia seeds and many more do the fine job of cleansing your skin, making it healthy and at the same time are safe for sensitive skin.

3Handmade Bath Salts

This is the perfect way to add some fizz to someone’s life. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily hustle bustle of our busy schedule that you have to slow down and remind yourself to lay off and relax a bit. These crystal clear bottles of homemade bath salts do that job rather easily and transcend you the rejuvenating world of natural relaxants. Handmade bath salts are the perfect gift for your workaholic brother in law or your stressed out mum when she returns from a whole day of brain munching that she is a victim to at work. Made of the most soothing ingredients such as lavender oil, gypsum salt, vanilla extract, eucalyptus and orange peel and many more, handmade bath salts are, I would say, for everyone.

2Hand-knitted Rugs

Hand knitted rugs, blankets, hand woven carpets, crochet items like shoes and scarves are just the tip of the iceberg. Handmade clothing and accessories are fast becoming popular due to the sheer fact that they are made by hand and look absolutely distinct in your wardrobe and interiors. They not only give the recipient a more original style but also last them for years.

1Homemade Jam Jars

Handmade jams and jellies are the most delicious gifts that you can come up with for your loved ones. They are 100% natural without any artificial flavours and preservatives and thus are a much healthier choice when it comes to gifting edibles to your friends and relatives. So, choose handmade and give them a tangy sweet taste of your gifting genius right now.

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Hi, I am John Miller. I love and live for everything artistic. My only crime is that I observe too much and then make sure to write it down before I forget all about it. I am a quality manager at Artisna Marketplace.
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