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Barnsley Card is a new scheme which aims to boost trade in Barnsley. It was founded by two Barnsley locals earlier this year to help improve trade in Barnsley and the surrounding regions. People can buy a Barnsley Card for £1.99 per month, and gain access to a huge range of deals across all kinds of sectors in Barnsley.

The hope is, that people will stay and trade in Barnsley with their discounts – boosting trade in the region and saving people money! It’s a win win for all in Barnsley. Gift Shop Hub spoke to Barnsley Card’s founders about this exciting new scheme…

Tell us about Barnsley Card’s early days…

The scheme has only just launched, so we’re still in the early days. It came about after we observed trade in Barnsley and footfall in shopping areas decreasing and wanted to do something. We wondered what would persuade people to stay and buy local instead of going further afield. Getting discounts for buying in Barnsley with a Barnsley Card on everything from meals out and coffee to football and jewellery seemed like a great way of doing this – and local businesses and people seem to agree.

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Who is Barnsley Card aimed at?

It’s aimed at all people in Barnsley (residents, workers, students etc…) but also those who come to Barnsley to shop. Everyone who spends any money in Barnsley can save with a Barnsley Card. We’re also aiming to help local businesses boost trade. Barnsley Card is free for businesses to signup, and they benefit from increased exposure across the region – increasing the number of people through their doors!

Do you feel positive about the future of Barnsley?

Absolutely. By 2020 Barnsley will have an awesome town centre, attracting people from all over to come and enjoy Barnsley. We’re hoping to play our part by making buying in Barnsley the most affordable option for all. Ultimately, we hope to make Barnsley not only a great place to come and shop but, using your Barnsley Card, the most affordable!

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How are you marketing Barnsley Card?

All kinds of methods – radio, flyers, stands, DM, POS, word of mouth etc…

What response have you had from local businesses/retailers?

An amazing one. Engaging with local business owners and managers has actually been really rewarding, and the vast majority have supported us so far and offered discounts. They’re excited about keeping trade in Barnsley and boosting business in our area.

What makes Barnsley Card stand out from the crowd?

It’s comprehensive. The great thing about Barnsley Card is that it can apply to anything, and as we grow there won’t be many things you can’t get for a discount in Barnsley. Whether you want a wedding dress, jewellery, food, drink, insurance, dog grooming, clothes, the gym, luggage, football, flowers, photography, stationery, a tan or anything else – you can save with a Barnsley Card by staying local.

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Who are your partners?

We work with all kinds of businesses – updated list can be found on the site here:

What do you consider to be the main challenges facing small businesses at the moment?

Convincing people to stay local. With places like Meadowhall and Leeds relatively nearby, the challenge local small businesses have is encouraging people to stay and buy in Barnsley.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to have over 100 places in which you can use your Barnsley Card soon, and thousands of people benefitting from the scheme.

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How can people sign up and get involved?

People can signup on for £1.99 per month. I’ve not met anyone yet who hasn’t saved more than that in a month using their Barnsley Card! Businesses can signup by contacting us at


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