We all love a good scented candle here at Gift Shop Hub and we know the retailers we’ve spoke to, feel they’re an essential part of their gift ranges. The wide appeal of scented candles means you no longer see them for sale just in a gift shops; We’ve spotted them in Hair Dressers, Florists, Cafes and Garden Centres to name but a few. Whilst this might suggest overexposure, with such a large selection of brands to choose from it really is an area many cannot refuse to ignore. Candles sell and the popularity of these home-wares seems to rise each year, trends may have come and gone but scented candles are here to stay. Research company Kantar recently claim a quarter of British homes now buy scented figures, a eye popping figure that if experts are correct will only grow. As one of the fastest growing areas of the cosmetic and beauty industry we decided to take a look at some of the lesser known brands (Sorry Yankee Candle, you might be the market leader but today we’re putting out spotlight on some slightly less well known brands).

Here’s Part 1 of our candle feature with Part 2 coming next month…

Village Candle
One of the main challenges to Yankee’s throne is Village Candle. The glass jars are very similar, so much so, it’s easy to get the two confused. The main difference is Village’s use of two wicks instead of the one. This dual wick technology ensures a clean and even burn. As a big fan of Village Candle, Gift Shop Hub can support this claim; the jars leave almost no wax in bottom or at the sides. Better still the scents are strong with an amazing throw, flooding your home with a great range of fragrances to match any room. Personal favourites include the Celebration and Sugar Plum Fairy (though they’re are rumours this may be a winter seasonal limited edition once more and no longer part of the main range – booo! We want it back soon). Village Candle would make a wonderful addition to any shop’s line up.


Best Kept Secrets
In this post Brexit World, a product being Made in the UK has become more important than ever, therefore step forward one of Gift Shop Hub’s early spotlight stars; Best Kept Secrets. Handmade in the UK, in the heart of Northumberland they believe that the secret to a great candle is the quality and consistency of the scent. Their tagline, ‘Seriously Scented’ means they use only premium locally sourced supplies, traditional production and hand finishing to ensure every candle receives the same care and attention. They’re candles are famed for their super glittery appearance with wonderful sparkly toppings. The quality of the candles is superb and with 50 hours burn time they offer fabulous value for money too.


Root Candles
Since 1869, Root Candles of Medina, Ohio, has been making candles with a difference; these beauties are made with Beeswax!

Having sampled them at the Spring Fair we’ve always been impressed with their strong scents and unique fragrances. Created originally by the awesomely named Amos Ives Root these candles are produce with a long-lasting, clean-burning, all-natural beeswax blend. The exquisite Legacy blend has an all-natural cotton (lead free) wick and is fragranced with pure, essential oil based fragrances that produce a rich, lasting sensory experience. Relatively new to the UK market these could be a big player in the world of wax soon.


So that’s part one of our alternative candle suppliers feature. Hope you found a possible future favourite. Scents are an important part of our lives and even act as a connection to our past. Every time you light a candle, you can be transported back to special place or memory:

Freshly cut grass that snaps you back in time. Remembering the day you held hands with the girl that became your wife. Sat together on a lush green hill overlooking the village you left but still holds a small part of your soul. The cool summer breeze on your face and the fragrance of the clover field.

Your Grandma’s house. Warm Apple Pie. Waiting as a child for that Sunday afternoon treat. Your mouth watering even now. You can taste it. Feel it. The sensation of home. To be loved and comforted. Forever a grubby, mischievous five year old.

All these moments lost to yesterday that flood back with unexpected joy. The power of a great fragrance and the gift of a good candle.

A romanticised view of the world?
Maybe but that’s the kind of world I want to live in.