Cudworth Bunny Trail Banner

Chris Fox from Wishes of Cudworth tells us why he’s excited about the Cudworth Bunny Trail. Art and Shopping trails are a great way to promote your village/town/city as a whole. To encourage your customers to explore your high street and visit shops they’ve never been to before.

There are two secrets I must share with you before you start reading this article. Don’t worry there not too troublesome in nature. This is not a confession of dark deeds or strange desires. It’s best we get to know each other first before we go any further….

First I own three rabbits. Yeap three little Netherland Dwarves. Molly: Grey, lazy, chubby, friendly. Pedro: Multi-Coloured, Mixed Lionhead, Adventurous, Feisty, Fearless, Grunty, Likes to dig up the lawn. Finally the baby, Huckleberry: Darker Grey than his Sister, Cute, Clever, Keen to play with the other two and always ready to explore.

If you’ve never owned a rabbit, you’d be surprised by their amazing personalities. Each unique and loveable quirky. Quick to dig, flop, periscope and blink. Forever surprising you with their magical bunny ways. Ours live in a Chicken Coop and run which covers around half of the back garden. It’s a sort of rabbit metropolis that’s taken over the yard.

Wishes of Cudworth

The second secret is that I have a vested interested in the Cudworth Bunny Trail as my partner owns Wishes of Cudworth (A clue is in the intro). Still despite my bias and desire to keep her happy (Happy Jools means I don’t have to sleep in the Chicken Coop with the bunnies), it really is a wonderful shop. Please visit it soon. Which brings us nicely to the Cudworth Bunny Trail….

Julia Keeling Wishes of cudworth

 First a quick introduction…

The Cudworth Bunny Trail has been created by a fluffle# of local shops on Cudworth high-street. 9 shops will have brightly coloured, cheerful bunnies hidden in their windows. Using your Bunny Stop map you’ll be able to explore our village, find the bunnies and collect your bunny stickers from the shops. Collect all 9 stickers and you can visit Wishes to get your Cudworth Bunny Trail treat bag. The bonus is you’ll be supporting your local community and businesses.

#A group of rabbits is known as a “fluffle” in some areas. You can also have a congregation of alligator, a cauldron of bats and a murder of crows.

Wishes of Cudworth and owner Julia Keeling

The shops that are Bunny Stops are:

  1. Wishes – Greeting Cards & Gifts – Yay!
  2. Four Seasons – Fruit & Veg
  3. Buttercups Florist
  4. Infinity Jewellers
  5. BARC – Barnsley Animal Rescue Shop
  6. Deacons Superdec – DIY and gifts
  7. Poppys Florist
  8. Katie Newsam Fashion
  9. CO-OP Cudworth

The idea is to promote our wonderful village. To encourage people to stay in Cudworth over the long summer hols. To create a real sense of ‘community’. So, if you too love bunnies and indie shops. Which admittedly is an odd combination but a winning one. We feel the shop local message that the Cudworth Bunny Trail promotes is important.

Cudworth Village Illstration by Jessica Woodhouse

We want our village to full of vibrant and interesting independent shops. There’s a place for the bigger chains but our Independent shops often stock items which are made locally and aren’t available elsewhere. Why not buy some amazing clothes by a fledgling designer and stand out from the crowd. Pick up a quirky gift you’ll not find in the Supermarkets for a great birthday surprise. Buy your fruit and veg from Four Seasons for fresh products that have been selected with care. With our independent shops you’ll get a service that the larger department shops just can’t offer. Real advice, unmatchable knowledge and most of all friendly service.

The Bunnies are coming to Cudworth and myself, Molly, Pedro plus Hucklebury can’t wait.