Dave Draws Manchester Doodle Street Map

In our latest Meet the Maker interview, we get the lowdown on Dave Draws. A 26 year old illustrator from Manchester who specialises in black and white doodle based illustrations.

Hi Dave Draws, describe your average day

If I’m not working on a mural, I will get to my studio for 8:30/9 ish, work through emails and admin jobs, sort out any orders that might have come in or re stocking shops and then work on whichever commission or new job that I am working on. I usually work through until around 6/7 ish then sort out my social media scheduling for the next day and head home.

What jobs have you done/do other than being an artist?
I’ve had all sorts of jobs really, I’ve worked in bars, worked in retail, I did an internship in arts gallery management, I’ve had office jobs updating a companies website, all sorts really.

Dave Draws Wall Mural

What memorable responses have you had to your work?
Not one single one really sticks in the brain, but I suppose when I first exhibited my work I had no idea if people would like it or not and I was amazed by how people reacted to it and really seemed to enjoy the work as I had not expected that at all.

Is the artistic life lonely?
There can be times where I miss working as part of a team. However you meet loads of people doing this job, either through shops I stock in or in meetings or locations where I have worked. So although I work on my own quite a bit I probably know more people and a real range of people from working in lots of different locations.

What research do you do?

If I am doing a doodle map I will look at the area before and how it is laid out to get my perspective on the drawing and then also research features to go on to the map.

Dave Draws Doodle Map

How do you work and what media do you use?
I work just using posca pens on whatever I can draw on to really. Media platforms I use are Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

Do you rage against the machine or use computers to create your artwork?
I rage against the machine, although I am going to have the Adobe suite soon. It would be handy to learn it as it would make any amendments to my work a lot easier.

Which other artists/designers/real-life situations inspire you?
I follow lots of different artists on social media. You see them working all the time and seeing how there doing or projects they have got. it always drives me to do better myself and push on to get more work.

What is your dream project?
I’d like to do more commissions abroad. Doing a mural in New York would be the one for me.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I receive great advice from my friends, family and girlfriend all the time about my art, giving me new ideas and pushing me on. The worst piece I have ever got was probably from my art teacher at school who told me not to take art any further…

Professionally, what’s your goal?
Just to keep expanding and building my brand.

What superpower would you have and why?
It would be cool if you could control time, go back and forwards etc. But it’s also probably quite a dangerous super power to have.

Website: davedraws90.bigcartel.com
Social Media:
Twitter: DaveDraws
Facebook: Dave-Draws
Insta: dave__draws

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