Festive Friday

Now in its 5th year, Festive Friday, 1 December 2017, is the special day for everyone in the card industry (and all lovers of cards) to send their personal Christmas cards – with the aim to create a great first wave of beautiful cards arriving in early December to get the nation in the Christmas card-sending mood.

The Greeting Card Association has a wonderful Festive Friday Toolkit on their website for you to use. Here’s the link.

The toolkit has lots of ideas to help inspire you to get involved and lots of gorgeous imagery, created by Jack Carter courtesy of The Art File’s design team. This includes the new banner, an event poster, a flyer and social media imagery.

Members of the GCA writing Christmas Cards

Here’s some some ideas for taking part…

Change your Facebook and Twitter covers and email sign off images to Festive Friday ones in the lead up to the day – these are all in the toolkit below. And post lots of lovely pics on Instagram.

Donate some (old or new) Christmas cards to a good cause: contact your local school, play centre, an elderly people’s home, charity, hospital ward for elderly people or children, community centre or church group. Give them a lovely box of free Christmas cards, details of Festive Friday and a poster (see toolkit below) to help them to organise a Christmas card sending event on the day.

Organise a Festive Friday event at work using the toolkit below. Get your staff together for an hour or two to write their Christmas cards, provide the cards and postage and send them all out on the day. Take photos! Post these on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and remember to tag @GCAUK

This is a fun event with a serious mission – to get the country behind sending more Christmas cards. The more cards we can send as an industry on this day, the better our great first wave of cards will be, prompting the public to send their cards too.

Time to get creative and organise your Christmas card-sending events for staff and customers in the lead up to or on the actual day itself!

Blue Eyed Sun

At Blue Eyed Sun we’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit early and held a ‘Christmas card writing hour’ for our team to write and send cards to our loved ones to support the Festive Friday 2017 campaign. We sponsored the cards, the time and the postage to support the GCA campaign. All our team had to do was to write as many cards as they wanted to in the hour. We managed over 203 Christmas cards between us, which will be making their way via Royal Mail over the weekend to their lucky recipients.

Blue Eyed Sun Festive Friday

Our team had a lot of fun on Festive Friday 2017 with Christmas jumpers and mince pies. Headgear included Christmas trees, Santa and elf hats to get us in the spirit. Our office dog, Bert, even got in on the action with a new Christmas outfit. It’s a wonderful feeling when we think about all of the love going out into the world from this short amount of time dedicated to card sending and we recommend it to anyone involved in the card industry.

UK Greetings Todays

UK Greetings are backing this wonderful event by giving staff the chance to send all their Christmas cards free of charge on the day.

Once again UK Greetings are combining Festive Friday with fundraising for those less fortunate.This year UKG are asking for donations for the St George’s Crypt in Leeds, an organisation dedicated to working with the homeless and the RSPCA, a welfare charity that helps prevent cruelty to animals.

There will also be a showstopper, Festive Friday bake sale to raise much needed funds for the Charities.

Keep an eye on the UK Greetings Facebook and Twitter on Friday 1st December for a glimpse into the festive fundraising fun!

UK Greetings

Social Media

This year even the Royal Mail is joining in the fun making Festive Friday a focus of a social media campaign, while news of Festive Friday has hit big with the crafting community with a feature in their magazine

Card publisher Nigel Quiney Publications have put out a post box in their office for staff to use and everyone is encourage to use the special hash tag on Twitter:#festivefriday

Nigel Quiney Post Box