The Greeting Card Project

The Greeting Card Project is a YouTube channel and Facebook Page documenting Jeremy Corner’s New Year’s Resolution to visit different shops every week to buy and send more cards. Jeremy wanted to see if the simple act of card sending changed him and if it might enhance his relationships with friends and loved ones.

Jeremy Corner is the managing director of handmade card publisher, Blue Eyed Sun. Here’s our with interview him about this amazing project…

Tell us about your campaign’s early days…

The project has its roots in a terrible confession: Despite having had a greeting card publishing business for 17 years, I realised I didn’t send that many cards. I wanted to challenge myself on this and to see if I could keep on going for a whole year. I also wanted to reconnect with old friends and feel closer to those I care about. With my background in film making I thought it would be fun to have a go at YouTubing and to enjoy making short films again.

Jeremy Corner with one of the cards from the Greeting Card Project

Who is your campaign aimed at?

The Greeting Card Project is aimed first and foremost at the greeting card industry (publishers, suppliers and retailers) who might like to see the diversity of cards and shops are out there. It also seeks to inspire others to send more cards themselves. I want more people to reconnect with this beautiful tradition that still works in a way that’s powerfully different from social media and other digital communication tools.

What makes your campaign stand out from the crowd?

As far as I know, nobody else has done a YouTube channel quite like this one. I’ve covered shops from all over the UK as well as some cities abroad. I’ve bought a huge range of publishers’ work so, if you love cards like I do, there is a real mix to enjoy.

Who are your partners?

I’ve done the entire project myself (with a little help from friends and my young son for the post box shots). It’s all filmed, edited and uploaded to the internet from my iPhone 6.

What do you consider to be the main challenges facing small businesses at the moment?

The internet is the biggest challenge for all of us. It’s also a massive opportunity. We all have to find innovative ways of using it to our advantage.

What tips do you have for small business owners?

My biggest tip is to think through an idea you’d like to try, keep it achievable and then have a go at doing it to see if it works. Then keep adjusting until it fails or succeeds. Don’t let the thinking get too in the way of doing the idea. It’s in the doing that we discover and grow. I’ve written loads of technical tips on video and social media on my blog at

What are your plans for the future?

I’m planning to turn The Greeting Card Project into a community for 2018 and beyond. I want to encourage others to have a go at sending more cards each year and to share their stories online. To get involved join the group at

Do you run workshops/events?

I speak at the Ladder Club for new publishers every Autumn. I speak at Spring Fair and Autumn Fair at the NEC on social media, business and personal development. Through both the Greeting Card Association and the Giftware Association I also help other businesses at different events.

The Greeting Card Project - Shot on the iPhone 6

How can businesses can connect with you?

You can subscribe to the project at and like the page at You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter via @JeremyCorner

How can people sign up or get involved?

It would be amazing if more people would Subscribe, Like and Share the videos online.

To take part in the challenge yourself sign up to

What are the dates for our diary?

Festive Friday is on 1st December. When we encourage everyone to send their Christmas cards early to send a wave of love and goodwill around the world. It’s also a nice counter balance to Black Friday which is on the same day.

Quick fire questions:
Favourite Song: The Song by Kirpi/Bülent Altinbas
TV show: The Office
Superhero: Deadpool


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