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Tiana Jewel is a bohemian inspired jewellery brand designing power healing crystal pieces, based in London, UK. Each crystal is handpicked for its raw beauty and its unique healing properties. Crystals are our intimate passion, enabling us to tune into the wisdom and spirituality of the universe. Timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion, our magical crystals are hidden gems beneath the crater of the earth.

Tiana Jewel Jewellery Selection

Hi Tiana, tell us a little about your brand…

I’m a jewellery designer and maker and my jewellery embodies genuine power healing crystals which can heal your mind, body and soul!

As a lover of boho style, my first collection “Marrakech” started with statement antique beads which were purchased whilst touring Morocco in 2014. This led me to begin the design process and opened up my creative abilities to produce beautiful pieces of unique jewellery.

I then came across these gorgeous druzy crystals in an exhibition in 2015 and as soon as I saw them I was totally enamoured by their raw beauty and the fact that each crystal was unique in its shape and size.

This opened up a whole new world for me as I started learning about the meanings of all the different types of crystals, and their healing properties.

I felt like there was an energy in the universe calling me, and this was the perfect route to take my passion for jewellery making to a deeper and more spiritual level

Healing Stones

How did you start out?

I started out learning a beadweaving and jewellery making course with my mum, and as soon as I began the course I was addicted!!! I would stay up until the early hours of the morning finishing up my pieces (beadwoven pieces can take days to complete!) I then started making pieces for friends and family and eventually ventured out, developing my collections and then finally I found my niche, healing crystals!

Where do you sell your products?

Online, independent boutiques and the occasional market.

What tips do you have for fellow small business owners?

Never give up, especially when your working on your own, you can often feel despondent or lonely! If it wasn’t for my best friends constantly guiding me and encouraging me to keep on going and telling me how much they loved my designs and how talented I was, I would never be here today!

Network, network, network…definitely the best way to move forward in your business!

Tina Jewell Blue Crystals

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

All of our gemstones are genuine pieces (there is a lot of fake stuff out there!) and they all have unique healing properties. The crystals will often “call you,” as an example, one day I was lacking in creativity and I just happened to pick up my rose quartz necklace and wear it. I didn’t know this at the time but one of rose quartz’s properties is to promote creativity, and later on in the day I had a burst of inspiration. It was just unreal! I’m constantly learning new things about the crystals and their meanings, they are so enamouring and surreal!

How important is social media in promoting your business?

Its my main marketing tool! I love Instagram and showcasing my products. Its also a great platform to receive feedback from your customers! I just love hearing from my customer base!

Tiana Jewel Model

What are your plans for the future?

Next year I’d like to visit the Tucson Gem show in Arizona to meet my suppliers and find some new ones. I’d also like to do a silversmithing course in order to further develop my skills!

Quick fire questions:
Favourite song:
Whitney Houston, “I have nothing”
Favourite film: Bridget Jones Baby
Favourite animal: Cats

Website: www.tianajewel.com

Social Media:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tianajewelondon
Twitter: twitter.com/tianajewelondon
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tianajewelondon